Hurt While Working on an Oil Field?

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If you’ve been hurt on the job while working on an oil field, it’s essential that you take action and secure your rights as a worker. Immediately contact The Jon Hanna Law Firm to start fighting for what you’re owed. Our legal team will pursue justice and financial compensation to help you regain your quality of life after you’ve suffered a debilitating injury. We’ll make sure no relevant evidence has been discarded and compile data to support your personal injury claim. You’ll rest a little easier knowing a team of experienced attorneys are on the case fighting for your rights!

See what we can do for your oil field-related case by contacting The Jon Hanna Law Firm today.

Oil field accident attorney in Abilene, Texas

The Jon Hanna Law Firm is dedicated to pursuing justice for workers that have been injured in oil field accidents. You can count on our team to go to court for you and work to get you financial compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • The cost of living
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress

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